Why It’s Okay to Splurge Sometimes

January 20, 2015

Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Deni Bag | Style Me Thrifty

{Splurge} Purse: Kate Spade New York Cobble Hill Deni Bag |
Coat: Jessica Simpson | Boots: Marc Fisher

As many of you already know, 99% of my closet is made up of totally budget-friendly clothing.

That’s my polite way of saying… I’m cheap. Whether these items were found on the magical clearance rack, thrifted, or purchased with a discount code that I hunted down online (always Google discount codes!), I’m proud of my penny pinching ways.

For years, I’ve leaned more towards the quantity over quality mantra. A cute top to wear to work? And it’s on sale for $20? I’d snatch it up without a second thought. I’m out of empty hangers, you say? Oh well, these two tops can share a hanger!

But here are a few things I’m learning as I age [gracefully]: your metabolism slows down at 30, showing skin isn’t the only way to dress sexy, and most importantly, when purchased sparingly, quality clothes and accessories feel amaaaazing.

That’s where the 1% of my wardrobe comes in. I can count on one hand the number of items I own that were true splurges. My wedding shoes. A Michael Kors swimsuit. Real Ray-Ban wayfarers. And now, my very first big girl purse. Say hello to Kate Spade.

Kate Spade New York - Cobble Hill Deni Bag in Putty

Now I have to be honest, I received a gift card from Shopbop so I had a little help with this purchase (I swear, paying full price will never really register in my brain; there is always a loop hole!). But now that this putty-colored cross body is slung across my shoulder in all her glory, I’m realizing that it’s okay to splurge every once in awhile. Allow me to share a little guidance on when you should splurge.

When It’s Okay to Splurge

Bags: A quality handbag can last yearrrrrrs. My only other “designer” bag is a suede Coach hand-me-down that lasted 10+ years. These kinds of handbags are well-made and often worth the investment. (My Forever 21 purses are crying in the corner right now).

Jewelry: Ever had a necklace turn the back of your neck green? Yep, me too. If it’s a trendy statement necklace, I don’t really mind. But if it’s something you wear everyday, like a watch or classic studs, go big and purchase the real thing.

A winter coat: It’s winter, it’s cold out, you wear a coat everyday. Don’t try to cheat Mother Nature here. Buy a good wool or down coat.

Sentimental attachment: Let’s use my Ray-Bans as an example. I purchased these sunglasses while in Hawaii on my honeymoon. It was impulsive and exhilarating purchase, especially for someone who never spends more than $12 on a pair of sunnies. But now every single time I wear them, I smile. If there’s a sentimental connection, just do it.

What items have you splurged on? Any advice for finding a good deal? (And yes, these flat boots are as comfortable as they look!)

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Deni Bag | Style Me Thrifty


Wish List Wednesday: Sole Society Everything

January 14, 2015

Shoes. Purses. Jewelry. These are a few of my favorite things. And I have a feeling I’m not alone in this sentiment. Isn’t it amazing how an accessory can really make an otherwise boring outfit? God bless a statement necklace!

Today I wanted to share a one-stop-shop website that will fulfill all your shoe and accessory wishes & dreams: Sole Society. I’ve mentioned them before on Style Me Thrifty but the name has always implied shoes to me. Oh man, do they have more than just shoes. So many cute bracelets, bags, booties, bah! They also offer free shipping — happy dance! Here are a few items from Sole Society I’m currently coveting.


1. Booties | 2. Bracelet set | 3. Necklace | 4. Clutch | 5. Scarf | 6. Earrings | 7. Heels | 8. Tote



Clean Out Your Closet with Tradesy

January 12, 2015


Oh hey there, 2015! This new year snuck up on me a bit. My family spent the last few weeks of 2014 anticipating the arrival of my niece (she finally arrived January 5th and has managed to steal the heart of every single person she mets — gosh, she’s perfect), so I’m a bit behind on getting organized for the new year and making a New Year’s resolution. Welp, January 12th seems like as good day as any to start!

This year, I resolve to put my closet on a diet. You know, only feed it quality food — err clothing — and thin it out a bit. I’ve already given some older clothes to Goodwill, and last week I decided to list a bunch of items on Tradesy, an online consignment site.

Tradesy Review

Let’s talk about selling clothing for a minute: I personally enjoy knowing something I once loved is going to a good home. I also don’t mind making a few bucks in the process. (More money to invest into quality clothing).

BUT here’s my sticking point when it comes to selling via consignment: dragging myself to a consignment store seems like THE hardest task ever. Seriously. I’d rather go to Target on a Saturday afternoon than schlep a bag of clothing to a consignment boutique, twiddle my thumbs while they look through everything, and then wait three months to get paid.

Buy less, choose well.

That’s why I’m trying out Tradesy and selling my own previously-loved items online. It’s like eBay, only easier. And instead of thredUP or Twice where you send in a bag and they price & sell your items, Tradesy lets sellers set the price. You have all the control actually — you take the pictures, you ship it out. Sounds like a lot of work, right? Nope. I listed four new items and shipped one sale out, all before my lunch Saturdate. Their app makes it easy peasy. Here’s more about the Tradesy process:

• The first step is setting up a profile — here’s a link to mine.

• Snap photos of the item you want to sell and then upload them via the Tradesy app (so easy to use), add a description, size, etc. Tradesy erases the background of your main image, making it look pretty darn official. Type in the price you paid and Tradesy calculates a suggested price — adjust if you’d like.

• When listing the item, you mark whether you’d like Tradesy to send you a shipping kit upon purchase or if you’d prefer to use your own packaging. Once a buyer purchases the item, Tradesy sends the kit or emails the printable label. You package the item up and drop it off at the post office.

• Tradesy pays you once you ship. You can use the credit towards a Tradesy purchase or transfer the money to your Paypal.

Review: Tradesy.com

I listed a handful of items earlier this fall to try it out. Since then, I’ve sold a total of four items, including a Coach purse, so I’m pretty pleased with my commission! I’ve gone back and updated some of my listings/prices to really show a potential buyer what they’re getting (some sellers only list one photo, lame). I figure I’ll give these items a month or two, and if they don’t sell, no biggie, I can always ship them off to thredUP.

Overall verdict? Tradesy definitely falls into the “why not?” category for me. Why not give it a try? Definitely worth a shot in the name of a thinner closet!

Have you tried Tradesy yet? I’d love to hear about your experience!


I was not compensated by Tradesy to write this review. I just wanted to share my experience with y’all. Tradesy photos via Tradesy’s Facbeook page